Progress Shots

Week One – Demolition


Week Two – Plumbing, Slab and Priming


Week Three – Patching External Timber Cladding (with recycled timbers from the sleepout)


Oh…And more priming! 

Week Four – Painting begins and back door is installed  


Week Five  – Painting continues, soak wells are craned in and cavity sliders are installed


Week Six – Wall sheets go up and the bedroom is finally painted!                

Week Seven – Skirting, architraves and window frames are sanded and varnished. Tiles in the bathroom begin!




Week Eight – Wall tiles continue to go up and tiles are grouted and finished. Laundry cabinets get installed.    

  Week Nine – Shaving cabinet goes up, windows are painted and cavity sliding doors are installed.    


Week Ten – Electrician and plumber come and fit off our wonderful fixtures and fittings. 


 The face of two happy chappys now that the bathroom is just about done!


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