Let the demolition begin!

On the reality television show The Block there is always one person in the team in charge of design whilst the other is the project manager. In our very own version of The Block, I have coined myself the design visionary whilst the project managing of trades, quotes and timelines has definitely been left to the expertise of my very lucky other half. Therefore, when it came to demolishing, this was definitely a him job and not a me job!

Last week we marked the official beginning of our renovation with the demolition. It can be the scariest part of a renovation because it doesn’t matter to what extent you have done your homework on a particular property before purchase, there really is no telling what is actually there (or hidden!) until you begin to tear the place apart. 

For the cottage there were a couple of large concerns. The sections of the place that we are renovating are additions which possibly contain both asbestos and lead paint so, safety is a major concern. Additionally, we were unsure what actually lay underneath the floors in the bathroom, laundry and sleepout. Was it concrete? Or concrete sheet on top of timber joists? And we’re the terribly dodgy floating floors on the sleepout hiding something worse underneath? 

The demolition itself has revealed a number of surprises which are not all good ones. Underneath those terrible floating floors is a timber floor which appears the be a part of the original verandah.. Good surprise! However, a rotting timber base joist holding up the walls in the bathroom.. Not such a great surprise! We did of course expect that there were going to be things that we couldn’t see and we are thankful that things aren’t worse. 

With the muchly appreciated help of a friend our bathroom and laundry have almost completed gutted in three days. We’ve had to remove a poorly assembled concrete floor in the bathroom but have been able to leave the laundrys concrete floor in tact. We’ve also torn down the wall between the laundry and the sleepout to reposition it and accommodate a small linen closet. 

With the plumbing rerouted and electrical points terminated the next step is to replace those naughty rotting timbers with new ones and cement the floor in the bathroom. A job for next week!

 Current view of the bathroom   
Inside our newly demolished bathroom  

View in to the laundry from the sleepout  

View in to the sleepout from the laundry 


2 thoughts on “Let the demolition begin!

  1. Wow so exciting! I can definitely relate to the mixed feelings about demolition. When we knocked down the brick wall separating the lounge from what will be our new kitchen, it was pretty confronting staring at a pile of a rubble and a whole heap of work. There’s that fear that you’re not going to be able to complete what you’ve set out to achieve and you’ll end up living in the rubble for ever (maybe that’s just my irrational fear? haha) It’s only in the last week that I’ve been able to step back and say “phew, this is starting to look like a house again, and we made the right choice undertaking this reno!” I can’t wait to see how you transform your space! Bon xx


    • Ah – Bon that’s exactly it! This week has been that moment where we’ve just looked at each other thinking ‘there’s a shitload to do!’. Haha. We will get there. I think that the journey is half the fun and if that means sleeping on a blow up mattress on the floor and camping out on the floorboards in the lounge room for dinner, then we’ll just have to enjoy that too! Haha!


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