Back to where it all began..

Some would say that buying your first home is exciting, a right of passage for a young person perhaps? The ‘great Australian dream’ even? Well, I am here to assure you that it is the most stressful (but adventure filled) time in my life thus far.

The boy and I decided that we would take the plunge and buy our very first house in our home town of Perth, Western Australia. We had a few requirements for our new purchase which included the following:

1) Easy access to public transport – Perth is known for The its urban sprawl and of course we work at opposite ends of the city!

2) A home with character – sure, sure we could have spent the same amount and bought a brand new house, off the plan, in one of those perfectly designed suburbs where all the houses looks the same but ugh! We really wanted something ‘one-of-a-kind’.

3) Within a 10km range of city – we’re young! Call us short sighted but we wanted to be right in the thick of it. And yes, yes we could have bought cheaper in outer suburbs but the City is in the middle between our workplaces and there is nothing quite like an inner city lifestyle for a 20-something.

To us, this decision was less financial than it was ‘a feeling’ and we have definitely felt the pressure, having to justify our decision to almost everyone. One after another people have said ‘you’re paying THAT?!’ or ‘such an old house – why would you do that!’.

To these people I say, yes. I did buy a 1930’s cottage on a little over 300 square meters (gasp now!) at a little over half a million dollars (go on – judge away!) which needs a crap load of work and love (I already think your a wanker, so go ahead!) but hey! The coming months and years are going to be challenging and rewarding all at the same time.

And if you still don’t understand our decision, then you just watch as I ride my bike to a local cafe strip and live my inner-city lifestyle. Oh and please don’t forget to wave!


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